• July 18, 2023

From Mongolia to Combe Hay

From Mongolia to Combe Hay

From Mongolia to Combe Hay 800 511 Mares Milk

We were honoured to be visited by a family from Mongolia recently, and to give them a tour of Cromwell Farm.

Mongolian student Eerguna reached out to Mare’s Milk founder Frank to learn more about the production of milk here at Cromwell Farm, and to discuss the many wellbeing benefits from mare’s milk.

Mongolia is one of the world’s leading mare’s milk producers, where it is used to brew aireg, a slightly alcoholic traditional Mongolian  beverage and health drink. Eerguna’s father produces powdered mare’s milk, so the family were keen to visit the farm and see the facilities for themselves here in the UK.


Eerguna and her family were kind enough to present Frank with their national belt as a sign of friendship, as well as many other gifts, and shared their secret recipe for brewing aireg. It was an illuminating visit for all involved, and we’d love to welcome more international visitors in the future!