Horses in a Mares Milk field.

Mare’s Milk

Packed with natural goodness, vitamins and essential minerals.
An Introductory Guide to Mares Milk

Mare's Milk

History of Mares Milk dates back to the Greeks where dieticians and doctors a like recommended it as a natural cure for many ailments and health problems- Long life and lasting beauty.

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Collection of Cheese


Cromwell Farm 100% Mare’s Milk Cheese is fresh and tender in taste and resembles the consistency to that of Parmesan.

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Skin care


Many studies have been preformed on the use of Mares Milk for the health and well being of the human body. Especially in the therapy of skin diseases , digestion disorder, allergies and diseases from the immune system.

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Skin care


Our Natural range of Mares Milk Cosmetic are full of natural Vitamins and Minerals helping the process of good skin condition and general well being.

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Picture of a field

The Only UK Producer

We are the first and only producer of Mares Milk in the UK, based upon our Combe Hay farm in Somerset and working to high standards of animal welfare.
Person holding soil

Certified Organic

Our farm operates to the highest possible standards and is currently licensed by the Soil Association with an Organic certificate of registration (G4074).

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