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Naturally nutritious milk

All of our mare’s milk is produced here on Cromwell Farm, set in 86 acres of Somerset countryside. We are the only producers of mare’s milk in the UK.

Our mares are free to roam in pastures filled with grass and wild flowers, which gives our milk its natural goodness as well as a slightly sweet taste.

Mare’s milk in naturally rich in vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. It is also low fat, and easier to digest than cow’s milk. Some people choose to drink mare’s milk to help them feel healthier, and some choose to drink mare’s milk to help remediate various health conditions or symptoms.

We find that mare’s milk works best when it is drunk first thing in the morning. To get the most benefits from drinking mare’s milk, the recommended daily quantity is 250ml. We advise working up to this quantity over a few days.

Most people start to feel the benefits of drinking mare’s milk after around 4 weeks. We recommend that you continue to drink the milk until you feel an improvement in your condition; at which point, we’d recommend gradually reducing the amount you are drinking, with the occasional top-up when you feel the need. However, this is only a guide, and it’s up to you to decide when you feel an improvement.

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