Our Mares Milk cheese products are carefully made from Mares Milk. It is a rich, high quality product and you can enjoy all of the health benefits of Mares Milk when compared with traditional cows milk. Suitable for consumption by anyone who cannot tolerate cow’s milk, mare milk is packed with powerful health benefits such as the enzyme lysozyme which acts as a strong antimicrobial agent. When consumed this offers excellent antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and it can help to strengthen the immune system too. Filled with natural goodness, essential minerals and vitamins, Mares Milk cheese can deliver multiple health benefits.

Mares Milk are an exclusive provider in the UK of products made exclusively from Horse Milk. Our farm meets the highest of standards in terms of product quality and animal welfare.

For thousands of years, mares have been cultivated for their milk because of it’s quality and health benefits. Our unique, Mares Milk cheese is crafted by a master cheesemaker using 100% organic Mares Milk, from our Combe Hay Farm, along with hints of hazelnut and watermelon.

Our products are made with care and we set very high quality standards for our Horse Milk cheese. It’s a high quality product with a unique, slightly flowering taste which is similar to semi-hard cheese. Quality ingredients, blended with care using the latest techniques and cheese making processes.

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