How Do You Milk A Horse?

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How Do You Milk A Horse?

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For over 5,000 years mares have been cultivated for their milk. We know this began with the Botai people on the Mongolian steppe. With so many health benefits, it is surprising that it has taken the UK so long to reap the rewards of mare’s milk.

We are the first and only producer of Mare’s Milk in the UK, so we are able to bring all the health benefits to you! Here at Combe Hay, we have come across a very popular question, ‘how do you milk a horse?’ Today we want to answer this question for you, along with a few others you might have.

When is it produced?

Mare’s milk is produced during lactation to feed the horses foal.

How do you milk a horse?

When milking a horse, the foal is kept close by as we strongly believe in the welfare of our horses and separating the foal from its mother would just cause unwanted stress. We believe that Mares milk is a gift from Mother Nature, so we aim to care for the health and welfare of our British mares.

Typically, the foal is kept near the mother while the horse gets milked gently, similarly to a cow. Horses are milked through a gentle milking motion.

The horse and foal are then free to roam around to their heart’s content.

Mares milk taste test

We also get asked a lot about what mare’s milk tastes like and the answer is simple. Mare’s milk tastes very similar to human milk and is sweeter than cow’s milk.

Why we drink mare’s milk

Mare’s milk is jam-packed with health benefits as it has high levels of iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Plus, it tastes amazing!

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