Top 5 nutritional benefits of Mare’s Milk


Top 5 nutritional benefits of Mare’s Milk

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Europe and Asia realised the extensive healing properties of Mare’s Milk way before the UK. We are the first and only producer of Mare’s Milk in the UK, so we thought it was paramount that we shed light on the nutritional benefits of horse’s milk.

1. High levels of Vitamin A

Mare’s Milk is said to have very high levels of Vitamin A. Vitamin A supports bone health, promotes healthy growth and reproduction and may lower your risk of certain cancers. With all these benefits and a delicious taste, it is hard to think of a reason why you shouldn’t try some for yourself.

2. Low-calorie count

Research shows that 7 ounces of Mare’s Milk has on average 88 calories, on the other hand, there is approximately 130 calories in 7 ounces of cow’s milk. You could reduce the number of calories you have at breakfast just by switching your milk.

3. Levels of potassium and iron

High levels of potassium are said to reduce the risk of having a stroke and it can even lower blood pressure. While an appropriate level of iron will help reduce fatigue. With these benefits, you should be switching sooner rather than later.

4. High levels of calcium

We all were told when we were younger to drink our milk in order to grow up big and strong but did you know it actually does help you to have strong bones? Mare’s Milk contains high levels of calcium which helps to maintain and build strong bones.

5. High levels of vitamin C and E

Mare’s Milk is said to have high levels of vitamin C and E which is extremely beneficial if you are looking to battle high blood pressure, as some believe vitamin C might help to lower blood pressure. Vitamin E is said to help fight the signs of ageing, which is always a plus in our opinion!

Which nutritional benefit were you surprised by the most? If you have any questions relating to the nutritional value of Mare’s Milk, feel free to contact a member of our dedicated team today.