Special Care Cream


Our special care cream is a deeply nourishing cream suitable for all skin types, featuring the natural benefits of Horse Milk. Perfect for anyone with dry, sensitive or irritated skin, this cream has a non-greasy texture and will work to soothe, repair and restore the natural moisture balance in your skin.

Once applied it is quick to absorb and it can be used all over the body. When you choose a skincare product you need it to offer all the qualities that you expect from a cream, lotion or wash.

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Our products have been expertly manufactured and we pride ourselves in the quality of our skincare and haircare that we offer to customers. If you want something that’s a little extra special, this Horse Milk cream is perfect. It is suitable for all skin types and for people of all ages, from the young to the old, it will work to target specific problems that you have on your skin, whether it’s dryness, sensitivity or irritation.

The cream is free from harsh chemicals that can harm the skin’s natural protective layer causing dry, irritated skin that is prone to breakouts. If you are looking for a kind, gentle skincare product that will restore the skin’s natural balance, this product is for you. Mares Milk UK are an exclusive, approved and certified provider of Horse Milk products whether it’s organic milk or our mares’ milk special cream, we have a range of products that use the natural benefits of Horse Milk to revive and restore.


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