Night Care Cream


If you feel like your skin is not as healthy as it used to be, then you might need to invest in our Night Care Cream. Our cosmetics contain the purest form of mare’s milk, which means our products can benefit different people with different types of skin.

Our products are even suitable for the most sensitive skin. One of the products that are suitable for sensitive skin is this night care cream.

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This cream has been developed in order to feed and relax your skin during the night. The fresh mare’s milk within this cream helps to stimulate the process of skin renewal.

As we have stated, this night care cream is suitable for people who have sensitive or problem skin, as it has a soft composition which makes it suitable for different types of skin.

If you have any questions about our range of night care creams, or our cosmetic products in general, our team is always on hand to answer your questions. Contact us today with your queries, or if you require any more information about our products


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