Hair Shampoo


With a mild composition and containing naturally pure Horse Milk, this product is suitable for all hair types. It gently cleanses and removes dirt and impurities while conditioning the scalp and preventing dandruff and dry flaky skin. Featuring a high concentration of Horse Milk, when you use this product you will gain all the benefits that this ingredient has to offer.



The combination of the Horse Milk and the other active ingredients will thoroughly cleanse the hair and scalp without damaging or removing the natural oils contained within your hair and skin. From the first wash you will notice a difference in the condition, elasticity and health of your hair.

Ph neutral, hypoallergenic and rich in vitamins and minerals, this shampoo product is ideal if you are looking for an alternative to the everyday products that you can buy in the supermarket. This product is a superior, shampoo and you will soon see the benefits after the first wash. Being ph neutral, Horse Milk shampoo is closer to the natural ph of the skin. When the skin becomes unbalanced, the protective layer of the skin becomes weaker meaning that the skin will dry out faster. To retain the natural moisture level of the skin using ph neutral products will help in this process and our shampoo will do this.


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