Hair Conditioner


Containing a high percentage of fresh Horse Milk, this is the perfect addition to your haircare range. Suitable for all hair types, it will replenish lost moisture, repair and revive tired hair.

It is a high quality product that we have taken care and time in developing and once applied it will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and so nourished you’ll wonder what you did without this conditioner before. Your hair will feel in the best condition it has in a long time.



Here at Mares Milk UK we really care about the effort that goes into our products, selecting the finest ingredients and we comply with the highest standards when it comes to creating each of our hair or skincare products. Our conditioner is a specially blended formula without any harsh chemicals or ingredients that can strip the natural goodness out of the hair and scalp.

Free from parabens too, our conditioner has a lovely aroma, a rich consistency and packed full of goodness, vitamins and minerals that will bring many benefits to your hair. Many conditioners that you buy are filled with parabens which are chemical properties to prolong the shelf life of cosmetics.

In some cases, these chemicals can cause reactions and sensitivity when they are applied to the skin. Our Horse Milk products such as our conditioner are free from parabens and feature all natural, organic ingredients.


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