Day Care Cream


Packed with powerful ingredients and rich in natural vitamins and minerals, Horse Milk makes the perfect addition to our rich day care cream. Suitable for all types of skin, even the most sensitive, this cream will absorb into the skin making it soft, supple and incredibly nourished. It is a cream that has been enjoyed by the young and old, used as a daily moisturiser to supplement your everyday skincare routine.



Horse Milk is one of the best ingredients that you can add to a day cream because of its various restorative properties. It can restore moisture, making the skin well protected and as a good sub-layer for makeup application. Quick to absorb, this cream is easy to apply and with a non-greasy formula it protects and cares for the skin. It can regulate the moisture balance in your skin and doesn’t block the pores which can create acne and other skin problems.

The ph of skin care products are so important and that’s why our products are ph neutral to reflect the skins natural ph level. When the skin becomes unbalanced, this leads to dryness and irritation particularly on the delicate areas on the face that are exposed to the stresses of everyday from pollution to changes in temperature. All of this can have an impact on the skin but with our cream, it creates a protective layer that not only moisturises but reduces the impact of pollution and other irritants that you come into contact with on a daily basis.


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