Body Lotion


A mild lotion that is manufactured from pure, natural Horse Milk and a combination of gentle ingredients which are kind to the skin.

Suitable for everyone, from young to old and can be used on all skin types, this moisturising body lotion will prevent your skin from drying out which is common after bathing, showering or swimming and it contains a selection of naturally occurring minerals, vitamins and ingredients which offer maximum benefits for the skin.

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Once applied, the lotion is fast absorbing and will leave your skin feeling so flexible, moisturised and elastic, repairing and nourishing from the moment it is applied. This is an ideal product that can be used if you have irritated or sensitive skin due to the gentle combination of ingredients and the use of Horse Milk as the main ingredient.

You can use this as an everyday lotion after showering and it offers a rich lotion that will refresh and invigorate the skin. When we create our skincare products, we are always mindful of the ph level, ensuring that they closely replicate the natural ph level of the skin to achieve the maximum benefits. As the lotion is absorbed into the skin, the naturally occurring vitamins and minerals contained within the lotion will be absorbed by the skin and they will work to enhance its appearance and moisture level, bringing it closer to the natural ph level.

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