Bath Foam


From the moment you use our bath foam you will notice the difference on your skin. This is a unique product contains the purest form of Horse Milk that you can find in cosmetic products and it works to protect the natural, protective layer of the skin.



If you are looking for healthy and super soft skin, this is an essential product for your skincare range. It is enriched with natural Mares Milk which contains an endless variety of vitamins, minerals and beneficial compounds which have a positive effect on the skin. It will restore moisture, soothe irritated skin and it won’t cause any sensitivities, even for the most delicate skin types.

It also boosts circulation too. Suitable for all ages, this premium product will restore, revive and cleanse the skin leaving it feeling refreshed and in the best condition possible. When we manufacture our Horse Milk products in the UK, we always ensure that they not only comply with industry standards, but they meet our own high quality standards too.

We believe in offering customers a quality product which is manufactured with care and customers in mind. The creams, lotions and foams that we offer to customers contain the most natural ingredients and a unique blend of Horse Milk which is renowned for its restorative properties. None of our products contain harsh chemicals which can dry out the skin or cause irritation, removing the natural oils and goodness in the skin. Our products work in harmony with your skin to gently cleanse and condition all skin types.


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