Based at our Combe Hay farm near Bath, we produce small batches of the world’s first 100% organic British cheese and mares milk based products.

For over 5,000 years mares have been cultivated for their milk, beginning with the Botai people on the Mongolian steppe. The health benefits have been known to many cultures, however here in the UK we’ve developed a world first, our unique Mares Milk cheese is made by a master cheese maker from our 100% organic Mares Milk right here on our Combe Hay Farm with hints of watermelon and hazelnut.

Our Mission

To advance the health, welfare and awareness of British mares through innovative and technology led research to discover new products and services for the benefit of mankind. Mares milk is the closest substance in nature to human milk and is packed with vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements with enormous potential for medical and sports performance usage.

Our Visions

To produce research led, innovative and beneficial products and services for both British mares and people that further enhances the symbiotic relationship between humans and horses that has withstood the test of time. From riding for the disabled to advancing sports science, and accelerating the recovery of chemotherapy patients. Mares milk is a gift from mother nature.