Say cheese! Why our Mare’s Milk Cheese is the best

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Say cheese! Why our Mare’s Milk Cheese is the best

Say cheese! Why our Mare’s Milk Cheese is the best 1024 569 maresmilkwp

Did you know that cheese was said to have been made accidentally? We won’t say how as the details are not for the faint-hearted. In our opinion, it was a happy accident and many others seem to think so too, seen as there are days dedicated to the substance as well as entire cheese festivals!

Different types of cheese

There are so many different types of cheese including feta, brie, cheddar cheese and more, but did you know that we create Mare’s Milk Cheese! The mouth-watering taste from this rich and high-quality product is like nothing we could ever describe. It is a taste that you need to try for yourself.

The craft of Cheesemaking

To get a full flavour, our cheese is made by a master cheesemaker who uses 100% organic Mare’s Milk, which is produced right here in the UK on our Combe Hay Farm. Our cheese is also made with subtle hints of hazelnut and watermelon, for a unique taste you will not find anywhere else.

Only high-quality ingredients are used in the creation of our Mare’s Milk Cheese, and we blend them with care using the latest techniques and cheese-making processes.

Our cheese has been described as having a similar taste to semi-hard cheese, but with a unique twist that sets it apart from other standard cheeses.

Mare’s Milk Cheese properties

Not only does our cheese taste good, but it is also jam-packed with amazing antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Our Mare’s Milk Cheese can even help to improve and strengthen your immune system.

Health benefits of our cheese

Our Mare’s Milk Cheese will satisfy your cheese-cravings while providing you with a list of benefits. For example, our cheese is a strong antimicrobial agent, which is an agent known to kill microorganisms. Tasty and beneficial for your health, that is some good cheese!

Mare’s Milk has also been said to aid digestion and reduces inflammation throughout the body. Grab the wine and the cheeseboard

All that’s left to do now is for you to grab the perfect bottle of wine (if you are 18+ of course) as well as a cheese board, and get your friends over to share this cheese that will satisfy their taste buds.

Alternatively, you could keep all this cheese for yourself; we wouldn’t blame you as we were tempted to keep it all for ourselves too!

Contact us

If you have any questions or queries about our delicious Mare’s Milk cheese products, you are more than welcome to contact us today. Our team of dedicated and friendly employees will be on hand to help answer your questions.