Keeping your skin supple and nourished in Winter

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Keeping your skin supple and nourished in Winter

Keeping your skin supple and nourished in Winter 1024 569 maresmilkwp

The cold weather doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast. And, when it comes to skincare, this sort of harsh weather can cause significant damage. It’s important that children and adults alike understand the best ways to maintain your skin, both in Winter and when colder chills arrive. In this blog, we’ll give you our top tips for keeping your skin supple and nourished.

    1. Mares Milk

We couldn’t talk about skincare without mentioning the researched benefits of mares milk. Using the purest form of horse milk can infuse your skin with many vitamins. These promote cell renewal, improve the elasticity of your skin and can ward away inflammation. They are entirely suited to more sensitive skin tones and have been used for chronic conditions including eczema and psoriasis. There are a wide range of mares milk cosmetic products available including Face Lotions, Cleansing Creams and all-over Body Lotions.

    2. Limit exposure to water

We all know how relaxing a hot shower is – especially when it’s freezing outside. But one of the worst things you can do is expose your skin to too much water when the temperature drops. Opt for lukewarm water and minimise the length of your showers. Research estimates a 5 minute shower or bath is best in this instance. Research has shown that cooler water and hand soap is still as effective at killing germs and will be less irritating on the skin.

    3. Eliminate perfumes from your routine

Try to avoid lotions and perfumes that cause any degree of irritation. These can dry out the skin, causing it to become itchy and broken. Fragrance-free alternatives are ideal and won’t draw as much moisture away from the skin. Equally, using too much and focus on the idea that less is more.

    4. Moisturise

Make sure to keep up with a regular moisturising routine. After washing your hands, doing the washing up or just midway through the day. Moisturizing is designed to nourish your skin and return hydration so it’s vital you make it a priority. For hands, pop gloves on straight after creaming to keep them supple at all times.

    5. Wear sunscreen

Sun cream isn’t only for Summer. You are still exposed to sun rays on cloudy days – remember UV rays can penetrate through clouds. And, on the brightest Winter days, your sun exposure could rise to as high at 80%. You should use a moisturising sunscreen with an SPF rating of at least 15% every single day.