How do you become a master cheesemaker?

How do you become a master cheesemaker?

How do you become a master cheesemaker? 899 600 maresmilkwp

Cheesemaking dates as far back as 5500 BCE and continues to be just as important to our economy today. Not only does it take a significant level of skill but the best cheesemakers train for many years to hone their skills. Here at Mares Milk, we are fortunate enough to have a Master Cheesemaker in our Combe Hay Farm who produces the most delicious cheeses for you. In this blog today, we’ll discuss what goes into becoming a cheesemaker so you can fully appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into our products.

How is cheese made?

All cheeses are made in largely the same way – by curdling milk. This removes excess water and splits the curd and whey. The mare’s milk is heated and combined with a specialist rennet which allows the proteins to form the curd.

The curds are then separated through a process called ‘cutting’. This releases the whey from the curd and dictates how hard the final cheese will be. It is then placed into moulds and pressed to change the texture of the cheese.

Our process is largely the same as traditional methods. The main difference, of course, is that we use mares milk as opposed to traditional cows.

What goes into becoming a master cheesemaker?

Our Master Cheesemaker is a true expert in their field. And to become a ‘Master’ of cheesemaking, it is vital that he understands everything there is to know about cheese. To make this title, craftsmen need to have many years of experience. They will have racked up a specific number of hours of apprenticeship training under the guidance of an existing master cheesemaker. This provides them with a practical understanding and expertise on the methods and techniques they will use throughout their professional career.

Alongside experience, it is vital that master cheesemakers have educational knowledge of important processes. This includes areas such as Dairy Sanitization and Milk Pasteurization. Master Cheesemakers will hold university-level qualifications in these areas, ensuring they’re ready to tackle any situation.

Mares Milk are proud to have such a skilled and experienced individual as part of our team. It ensures that you receive the finest cheeses with unique hints of hazelnut and watermelon. If you have any questions about our mare’s milk cheese of the team here at Mares Milk, please feel free to get in contact today.