Horse milk is a nutrient rich product that isn’t just beneficial for drinking as a substitute to cows milk. It is an ingredient that is added to many different health and wellbeing products from creams through to shampoos. You can even purchase powders and capsules to add to your diet for an extra boost for the immune system.

The recommended amount of horse milk that you can consume on a daily basis is a quarter of a litre every day. This will give you plenty of nutrients if you are consuming it as a drink. If you want to add horse milk powder to recipes the recommended amount is three teaspoons a day. For capsules, you can take between two and six each day depending on your requirements.

Specialist providers of horse milk will advise that you distribute your horse milk allowance over the course of the day rather than consuming your recommended daily allowance in a single serving. For best results, you should use the horse milk powders and capsules at the same time every day.

The products should be used for between three and four months to achieve optimum effectiveness. If you are taking the capsules or powder to address a specific health complaint, you can reduce the dose by half after this time. These products should not be used if you suffer from an allergy to lactose or if you are pregnant. It is also not recommended for use by individuals who are allergic or have any sensitivity to horses.

Horse Milk Wellbeing Top Tips

If you want to switch to horse milk from traditional cows’ milk or you would like to start taking capsules or horse milk powder, it is strongly recommended that you start off with a very small amount. If you present any allergies to the horse milk the symptoms that you have should only be minor.

Where the horse milk is being used to address a certain ailment, it is not uncommon for your symptoms to worsen before they start to improve. Usually this doesn’t last any longer than two weeks and after this stage you will start to see the most improvements.

Horse milk promotes a healthy digestive system and it works really well to stimulate the immune system, enhances healthy intestinal flora and soothes the gastro intestinal tract. It has also been known to treat problematic dry skin.

Horse milk is naturally high in vitamins and minerals as well as iron and trace elements making it a healthy and high quality product. It also has a lower fat content than cows milk and can be better tolerated by those who have an intolerance.

When consumed, horse milk is particularly beneficial for the skin because it supports its natural healing ability. If you suffer from other complaints perhaps to do with the digestive system, you will find that horse milk is very helpful. Bad bacteria that accumulates in the gut can create waste products which spread throughout the body and cause irritation. As a result, you may experience irregular bowel movements, poor digestion and fatigue to name a few. Furthermore, toxins from the bacteria can also manifest themselves as skin irritation or rashes which can cause frequent and persistent discomfort. An imbalance of digestive flora can result in shortages of vitamins that we need to maintain a healthy digestive system as well as depleted supplies of amino acids and minerals. Over time this deficiency can weaken the immune system leaving us prone to illness and infection. Horse milk works to combat this by restoring the levels of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, strengthening the immune system and enhancing health and general wellbeing.

Regular consumption of horse milk as a drink or added to cereal can promote the growth of good bacteria. This bacteria will work more effectively to convert food into small particles which makes them easier to absorb so you achieve greater benefits from the food that you eat. The particles can then be transported around the body in the blood to give energy and nutrients to the organs and cells to promote healthy growth and renewal.

Without regulation, bad bacteria can take over and waste substances can enter the bloodstream causing a range of problems and a general feeling of malaise. If certain deficiencies are not corrected it can, over time place a strain on the essential organs causing a range of problems particularly in the skin and lungs.

Horse milk has a distinctive sweet taste and is more watery in composition when compared with traditional cows milk. It contains less casein which is the reason why it is easier to digest and results in fewer complaints for those who are intolerant to cows milk. It is also better for your health too because it is lower in fat.

Horse milk is being used in more and more health and beauty products, and not just in food and drink. As well as milk and cheese, it is used in creams that combat dry skin to shampoos and conditioners that improve the health and condition of the hair if used frequently over a longer period of time. There are multiple benefits associated with horse milk, whether you use it as a product on your skin, as a capsule or powder or even as a beauty product. However, you use it, horse milk will improve your health and overall well being.