If you are looking for the latest skincare products that nourish and protect, horse milk is a valuable ingredient that offers multiple benefits. In this guide, we will be looking at some of the different properties of horse milk cream and how it can benefit your skin when used as part of your regular skincare routine.

There are lots of different creams that feature horse milk in them whether it’s a day cream or night cream, the properties of horse milk offer a mild and softening product that will enrich and enhance your skin. Suitable for use by people of all ages, horse milk cream can be applied to the face, hands and other areas of the body. It is also a product that can be used on normal to oily skin as well as dry and chapped skin on the knees and elbows. It soothes and nourishes irritated patches and it promotes healing too.

Quick to absorb, when applied as a cream, the horse milk product doesn’t feel oily and it will serve to feed the skin throughout the day or night, protecting and caring on multiple levels.

When applied to the skin, a cream containing horse milk will regulate the skin’s natural moisture balance, stimulate blood circulation and prevent pimples that can erupt with those who have oily skin. Horse milk products don’t contain any harsh chemicals or additives which can be irritating or drying on the skin. Some of the properties of horse milk-based products include:

  • Ph neutral
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Paraben-free
  • Fragrance-free

One of the main advantages of using creams and other horse milk derived beauty products is that they are ph. neutral. This means that the ph. is as close as possible to the natural ph. level of the skin. If the ph. level of the skin becomes unbalanced in some way, the natural protective layer of the skin can weaken and it will become dryer, quicker. To maintain the skins natural moisture levels and health, it is important that the ph. value is as close to neutral as possible. This will allow the skin to retain moisture and prevent the skin from drying out.

Many horse milk products are also paraben-free. A paraben is a chemical property that is sometimes added to cosmetics and skincare products that give creams, lotions, shampoos and other products longer shelf life. In some cases, parabens can be irritating to the skin and can cause skin irritation or sensitivity. Many of the horse milk products that you can buy are completely free from parabens or other synthetic ingredients such as Sodium Laureth Sulphate.

Horse milk creams are suitable for daily use and they promote the natural healing ability of the skin. You only need to apply a very thin layer to the skin and when absorbed, it will leave the skin feeling soft and supple.

Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic products from horse milk contain the purest form of milk from horses, delivering gentle skincare products that deliver the most benefits for your skin. Creams, lotions and shampoos are carefully formulated from a unique blend of mare’s milk and they leave your skin feeling silky, soft and incredibly nourished.

Hand care – The hands are prone to the everyday stresses of washing, weather and use, so they can become dry, chapped and irritated, particularly during the winter months.

Haircare – The hair goes through a lot. Pollution, changes in temperature, washing, blow drying, and styling can all take their toll. When you use a horse milk shampoo and conditioner product you can restore the hair’s natural shine, bounce and vitality, leaving it super soft and conditioned.

Skincare – Horse milk works wonders for transforming tired, dull and dry skin improving both the appearance and feel of the skin, restoring its natural moisture balance and soothing any irritated areas.

How can horse milk do this?

The natural composition of horse milk is rich in vitamins and minerals which work to promote cell renewal creating better conditioned and more resilient skin. Even people with the most sensitive skin can tolerate horse milk derived beauty products. If you experience a skin condition such as psoriasis or eczema, you may see a big difference if you start to use creams and lotions which are made from horse milk.

Horse milk skincare products go through a strict manufacturing process and they are specially formulated to deliver nutrient and vitamin rich products for the skin. Although horse milk is a product that is not commonly known, it brings multiple health benefits.

Just some of the products that you can purchase to use as part of your skincare routine include:

  • Body Lotion – Suitable for all skin types and people of all ages, a rich body lotion that will stop your skin from drying out after bathing
  • Gentle cleansing cream – Gently remove makeup and impurities from the skin without disrupting the natural ph. balance of the skin
  • Face lotion – Perfect for use after cleansing, leaves the skin fresh and clear
  • Night cream – A specially formulated skincare product, designed to work as you sleep. The combination of the ingredients in this product are kind to the skin and it rejuvenates and promotes skin renewal as you sleep
  • Special care cream – Perfect if you suffer from very dry skin, this is a specially formulated product, ideal for anyone with irritated, dry or sensitive skin. Although it is a rich cream it has a non greasy texture and once applied it will repair, restore and soothe the skin to restore the natural moisture balance of the skin.

Using horse milk as part of your everyday skincare routine can really work wonders, particularly if you suffer from problem skin such as dryness or sensitivity or you suffer with a condition such as eczema or psoriasis. It is a high quality product that is rich in vitamins and minerals to giving your skin a much needed boost to restore and reinvigorate. There are lots of products that you can purchase that are made from horse milk and they are all organic too.