Mares Milk is a unique and specialist ingredient used in many different types of products. From skincare to haircare and cheese to milk, mares milk is renowned for its health benefits and properties that nourish the body inside and out. In this guide we will introduce you to our business, giving you a behind the scenes insight into the creation of some of our products, the standards we uphold and the meticulous process that goes in to caring for and milking each of our mares.

Based in Bath in the UK, the Mares Milk Farm produces 100% organic mares’ milk on our Combe Hay farm, surrounded by acres of fields and countryside. This is the perfect setting to let our mares roam freely around our land. The welfare of our mares is important too and while our focus is on creating quality products derived from horse milk, we have very high standards when it comes to caring for our mares.

History and Mission

For more than 5,000 years mares have been nurtured for their milk. The Botai people in the Mongolian Steppe were well known for their use of horse milk and over the years it has continued to prove popular in many different cultures. Our business is constantly innovating, and we strive to continue to provide the best and most unique mares milk products for our customers. We are the world’s first to make mare’s milk cheese. This product is manufactured by a master cheesemaker from 100% organic milk. The cheese also has hints of hazelnut and watermelon to create a luxurious cheese product that is popular with our customers.

The mission and vision we have at Mares Milk is to advance the welfare, health and awareness of British mares through quality research not only to discover new horse milk derived products but to bring as many benefits to people as we can. Mares milk is the closest substance to human milk, and it is packed full of minerals, vitamins and trace elements which makes it such a great choice for the whole family. We want to educate people to the benefits of mare’s milk, introduce people to our products and teach you the process that our products go through from horse milk to the end result whether it’s a shampoo, handwash, piece of soap or food product.

So, with all of this considered, let’s take a look at some of the facts about mares milk and debunk some of the myths that surround it. We hope that this next section will answer some of your questions and educate you on the features and properties of horse milk.

Many people don’t even realise that mare’s milk is an option for them, and most have never heard of it before. When it comes to choosing an alternative to traditional cows’ milk, there are so many options available including almond, oat and soya to name a few but many people often overlook mares milk as a viable alternative. It offers some of the best health benefits from a milk product and is suitable for those who can’t tolerate milk from cows. That said, there are so many misconceptions about mares’ milk and we will address some of these now.

Mares Milk Safety

Some people question whether mares’ milk is actually safe for them to consume as an alternative. Mares milk is very similar to human milk and it is a nutrient and vitamin rich product that is kind to the body and often doesn’t create the same types of reactions in those who are intolerant to cows’ milk.

Are Foals and Horses Separated?

Mares are never separated from their foals as this is the completely wrong way to care for mares. In addition, to be able to extract milk from a mare, they have to like and trust you so if the foal was ever removed this would affect the mare’s behaviour.

Mares Milk Uses

The list of uses for mares’ milk is never ending. As well as milk for drinking and cheese products it can also be used in skincare, healthcare and cosmetic products. It brings multiple benefits for the skin, hands and hair because of its high vitamin content.

Mares Milk Cheese

Mares milk cheese is just one of the products that you can create using 100% organic mares’ milk. It is a high quality product that is packed full of nutritional and health benefits. Many people are surprised by the taste and texture of the cheese when they try it for the first time and it’s just one of the many products that we manufacture and sell from our farm.

Mares Milk Production

In Europe and Asia, mares milk is particularly popular because the people here have recognised the extraordinary health and healing properties that the product provides. While we are located in the UK, we are the only provider of mare’s milk in the country. We pride ourselves on creating exceptional quality products, providing the highest level of care for each one of our mares and meticulously overseeing every aspect of our business so we can provide customers with the very best products.

Horse Treatment

If you are interested in horse milk products you may be wondering how our horses are treated. Rest assured, we take the care and welfare of each mare very seriously and we have a rigorous care routine to make sure that our mares are in the best health, they are well looked after, and they can roam freely around our land.

We meticulously plan the manufacturing process of every horse milk product that we supply, whether it is a hand cream or a shampoo or a bottle of organic horse milk to some cheese, we set exceptionally high quality standards so we can provide the very best for our customers.