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Combe Hay Farm and Bath

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Mare’s Milk is based at our Combe Hay Farm near Bath, and we are very proud to say that we produce 100% organic Mare’s Milk right on the farm! Combe Hay Farm is surrounded by miles and miles of fields. We are sandwiched between the English Combe and Ingles Batch. We are also located approximately 20 minutes away from Bath in a car, or if you are feeling brave, 1 hour and 17 minutes away on foot!

We thought we would create a blog post discussing the features of Combe Hay Farm and Bath since it is so close to where we are located.


With so many acres of land, you can be rest assured that our mares are able to roam freely around our land. We also aim to advance the health, welfare and awareness of our mares through innovation and technology. Mare’s milk is a gift from Mother Nature, so we understand that we must care for these horses.

Our mares can roam around the land, resting, strutting or simply enjoying their time, thanks to the location at Combe Hay Farm.

On the way

Bath is approximately twenty minutes from Combe Hay Farm, but along the way, you will find interesting places to visit. For example, The Red Lion public house offers outdoor seating and offers food and drinks for you to enjoy. There is also a golf course on the way called Entry Hill Golf Course.

There is also Alexandra Park, which is nestled between a school and buildings.


Bath is a stunning town set in the countryside of Southwest England. It is known for its natural hot springs, however, this town has more than simply the springs to offer its visitors.

Bath is only twenty minutes away from our location and is filled with so many activities, events and stunning landmarks that you need to see. To name a few attractions, there is the Victoria Art Gallery, The Egg Theatre, The Jane Austen Centre and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy.

We strongly believe that Bath has something for everyone, well, maybe not our horses. Instead, they will stay to enjoy the wonders that Combe Hay Farm has to offer.

We are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful acres of land!

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